Exec Team

FLASH is led by an Executive Team of six juniors. Roles consist of Director, Servant Leadership, Finance, Public Relations, Logistics and Planning, and the Big Executive. This team works toward creating a vision for the freshmen by collaborating and guiding staff members.



Groups of 15 freshmen are assigned to committees. These committees work towards fulfilling the goals of FLASH by promoting leadership and service. Three staff Mentors lead each committee by bonding with the freshmen, planning events, and offering growth opportunities to our members.

Committees: Campus Relations, Community Outreach, Fundraising, Give Back, Public Relations, Social


Big fams

Along with committees, freshmen are also put into another group of 15 called Big Fams. Led by two staff Bigs, this group focuses more on emotional support for the freshmen. Big Fams offer a way for freshmen to know more people outside of their committee and have more support from our experienced staff.